The Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for the overseeing the work that needs to be done to ensure everything is in place for the School.  The Governing Body has 12 members.

We are always keen to welcome new members, so if you would like to get involved and are interested in joining the Governing Body place contact: Sue Bruce on: 01908 253623

Below is a list of our current governing body and the following useful information.

  • The structure of the governing body and any committees, and the full names of the chair of each.
  • The details of each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months.
  • Any relevant business and pecuniary interests.
  • Any governance roles in other educational institutions
  • Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives)
  • The attendance record at governing body and committee meetings over the last academic year.


The Knowles Primary School Governing Body
Name Category Position(s) Committee(s)
Mrs Lucy Crudge Parent Appointed Chair of Governors
Phase 3
Monitoring attendance of PPG entitled children
C&P (Chair)
Father Victor Bullock Co-opted SMSC
School Council
Pay (Chair)
HT Performance
Mrs Madeleine Carrington Co-opted Literacy Governor
Development Governor
Monitoring expenditure of PPG on Children in Care.
Computing and Technology
Mrs Janet Deeley MKC Appointed CLA & SEND Governor
Phase 1
ATL (Chair)
HT Perfomance
Mrs Deborah Riddy Parent Appointed  Phase 3 BPH&S
Mr Ramesh Mistry Co-opted Inclusion Governor
Sports (inc. sports premium)
Phase 2
R&F (Chair)
Mrs Louise Wilson-Geen Parent Appointed Vice Chair
Numeracy Governor
R&F (Vice chair)
HT Performance
Mrs Helen Loftus Co-opted Support Staff Governor
Phase 1
BPH&S (Chair)
Mr Vincent Jarjadin Staff Support Staff Governor
Mrs Sarah Rice Headteacher Headteacher BPH&S
Ms Jane Harrison Associate Member Associate member BPH&S (Associate Member)
R&F (associate member)
Terms Of Office and Attendance
Classification Start Date End Date Attendance 2014/2015 Voting Rights
Parent Elected
Mrs Lucy Crudge 12th November 2012 11th November 2016 5/6 3/3 5/7 2/3 YES
Mrs Louise Wilson-Geen  12th November 2012  11th November 2016 6/6 0/0 0/0 3/4 YES
LA Appointed
Mrs Janet Deeley 14th November 2012 13th November 2016 5/6 2/3 0/0 2/2 YES
Member Appointed
Cn Victor Bullock 14th November 2012 13th November 2016 5/6 0/0 5/7 3/4 YES
Mrs Madeleine Carrington 14th November 2012  13th November 2016 6/6 2/3 5/7 0/0 YES
Ms Jane Harrison 4th March 2015 3rd March 2019 1/1 0/0 7/7 4/4 Committee Only
Mrs Helen Loftus 12th June 2013  11th June 2017 5/6 3/3 7/7 0/0 YES
Mrs Sarah Rice 4th March 2015  3rd March 2019 0/1 3/3 0/0 0/0 Committee Only
Mr Ramesh Mistry 4th March 2015  3rd March 2019 2/2 1/1 0/0 0/0 YES
Gi Sierant 1st September 2012 31st August 2016 6/6 3/3 7/7 4/4 YES
Staff Elected
Mr Vincent Jarjadin 12th November 2015 11th November 2019 5/6 3/3 5/7 2/3 YES
Member Who Have Served In The Past 12 Months
Miss Kaite Roberts 14th November 2012 31st July 2015 5/6 3/3 0/0 0/0 YES
Mrs Sandra Hammett 18th November 2014 16th March 2016 2/2 0/0 4/5 0/0

FGB: Full Governing Body | ALT: Attainment, Teaching & Learning | BPHS: Building, Premises, Health & Safety | R&F: Resources and Finance

Register of Business Interests
Governor Business Interest Date Recorded
Mrs Madeleine Carrington Milton Keynes Council Employee 14th November 2012
Mrs Janet Deeley Shenley Brook End School Employee 14th November 2012
Mr Vincent Jarjadin Private Music Teacher Self Employed 12th November 2015
Ms Gi Siernant Nash Electric Husbands Electricians Company 1st September 2012