Quality First Offer

Quality First Offer means the opportunities and the experiences we offer to all children in school.  The teacher is responsible for, planning, preparing and delivering the curriculum to each child in their care.  Within lessons work is differentiated as appropriate so that each child has access to the learning at a pace and level which both supports and challenges them.

We offer Catch Up opportunities for those children who have gaps in their learning.  These Catch Up opportunities (in Maths and English) are designed as short term interventions to boost children’s learning and allow them to gain the necessary skills to access wider learning as soon as possible.  We also design learning opportunities for those children identified with special needs who may need a more specialised programme of intervention which relies on perhaps a one to one approach.

We train our staff in techniques to use as interventions.  We are flexible in our delivery of Quality First Teaching and interventions, using our resources and expertise to suit the needs of the children as they need it through creating provision maps detailing need and how it will be met.

Provision maps are regularly updated from feedback to the Senior Leadership Team on the progress and attainment of each child.


The children are registered and taught for many lessons in class groups, for example, music and PE.  The class groups are balanced for gender, ability and we take account of friendships, languages spoken, Special Educational Needs and other aspects which affect children’s learning.  Some lessons may be taught in ability sets, for example Maths, and other groups might be taught in small groups, for example Phonics.

Lessons have opportunities for children to be taught in small groups away from the main class so that children have focused opportunities to catch up with their learning by filling in gaps in their knowledge or skills (intervention), or in higher ability groups.  How children are taught and in what size groups, and by whom, is under continuous monitoring through regular assessment and observation.

We work together to provide each child with the opportunities and experiences they need to make the most progress and make the greatest attainment.  There is no fixed organisation for grouping children; each intake of children is provided for as appropriate to their needs and abilities.

We recognise that children need opportunities to work in similar ability groups and in mixed ability groups so that they can learn from each other in different situations.

These bring different challenges and increase the opportunities for children’s sense of belonging, self-awareness and self-confidence in living their learning.


We know that we have to concentrate on improving standards in English and Maths.  We do this through offering lessons which focus on the skills in these areas.  We also offer Opportunities for children to apply their skills in different contexts by using other subject areas as material, for example, learning to write accounts by researching lives of the Ancient Britons.

It is important that all children are equipped with the essential skills in English and Maths and we work in partnership with parents to drive our standards upwards.