Music is the universal language of mankind. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Ah, Music! A magic far beyond what we do here! – Albus Dumbledore

Music not only stands as a subject in its own right, it touches upon many other areas of the curriculum. Music builds children’s self-esteem; it helps their social skills; it is inclusive and open to everyone, regardless of abilities; it reinforces elements of Mathematics, Geography, History and Art and more.

At Knowles Primary School, Music is an integral part of the school day throughout the EYFS and Year 1.  From Year 2 to Year 6, music is taught by a specialist teacher, delivering a curriculum as well rounded and diverse as possible, giving the children access to music of many different styles and from many different cultures. Lessons are often tailored to build upon Topics being covered in class.

Opportunities are given for children to experiment with a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments, as well as electronic music and they will be encouraged to be creative and try out their own compositions as well as using existing materials. Children will be taught to sing well, using a variety of songs from different times and cultures and they will be given opportunities to write their own lyrics and set them to music.

There are several music clubs available, including a choir, offering the opportunity for children to make music together, extend their skills, make new friends and have fun. Three of the clubs are after school hours and there are also four shorter lunchtime clubs. There will be performance opportunities throughout the year in Concerts, Assemblies and the wider community, where the children can show what they have achieved.

We have a good selection of resources, including Djembes (African Drums), Samba equipment, Keyboards, Recorders, tuned and untuned percussion and we are working towards having access to music programs on iPads and computers.

We are ably supported by the expertise of our local music hub when the need arises and we hope that parents will encourage some children to take up individual or small group instrumental lessons, which can be organized through our school.