Sport Premium Report 2013 – 2014

P.E. and school sport play a very important part in the life of Knowles Primary School. We believe that P.E. and school sport contribute to the development of our children and through participation, our children build and learn more about our key values such as respect, co-operation and kindness for themselves and others. We also believe it has a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.

We were therefore delighted to be able to have use the first phase of sports premium funding, £5,885 to support the development of P.E. and school sport in the following ways:-

  • Subscription to the Milton Keynes School Sport Partnership to enable qualified sports coaches to work alongside staff to plan and deliver high quality P.E. lessons. Working in this way, teacher confidence and expertise was further developed to provide an enhanced offer in the children’s lessons. Subscription to the Milton Keynes School Sport Partnership enables opportunities for all year groups to participate in competition in a range of sports, e.g. infant agility and multi sports.
  • Provide quality assured professional development opportunities for teachers, enabling quality teaching and learning for all children (initially in Key Stage 1). Through in-house support from our School Sports Co-ordinator our teachers have gained experience and knowledge to teach both dance and gymnastics effectively in Key Stage 1 and Foundation.
  • We have appointed a Sports Specialist Teacher for September 2014 who will teach Quality First P.E. and sports lessons.
  • To increase participation levels in sport and healthy activity of pupils, and maintain these. At the beginning of the current school year we identified a need to encourage our children to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we chose to enable the children to have an active lunchtime – buying equipment to encourage them to be active.
Equipment Purchased
  • Active equipment – scooters, go karts, retro boppers
  • Games equipment – hockey, football, tennis
  • Dance equipment – cd players and cd’s, musical instruments, mirrors
  • Team builder equipment – spinning tops- 4 seats, 2 seats, 1 seat
  • Multi Skills equipment – hula hoops , bean bags, skipping ropes, quoits
  • Our children have become engaged in activities resulting in less boisterous behaviour
  • Our children have continued to engage in conversations with other children in their year groups and are now beginning to make friendships throughout the Key Stages
  • Our children are active (this will contribute to a healthier life style)
  • Our teachers are better able to deliver Quality First P.E. and sports lessons

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