Discovering our Curriculum Drivers

If we want to design an effective, relevant and purposeful curriculum for our school, then we must include both national and school requirements.

The National Curriculum requirements are only part of the school curriculum. We also need to identify relevant school drivers that will be at the heart of our curriculum. These will embed our vision and ethos at Knowles Primary ensuring relentless consistency throughout the school.

In discovering our drivers we must look to our vision, aims and core beliefs which define the traits we would like to see in our school community at Knowles Primary.

Our Vision

Being what we aspire to now. Applying our learning by using our skills knowledge and understanding now.
Making a difference now. Our Getting the best results now.
Strengthening our community now. Improving our responses now.

Our Aims

 Achievement    Quality of Teaching and Learning
We will experience success and achieve to the best of our ability.   We will acquire and develop the skills to be life-long learners.
We will acknowledge our strengths and narrow the gaps in pour knowledge, skills and understanding.   We will promote and foster the skills of leading learning and acquiring learning behaviours for ourselves and others.
Community   Leadership and Management
We will gather strength from those around us.   We will draw inspiration from those around us.
We will acknowledge our differences, but unite as one. AIMS We will organise ourselves to succeed
We will flourish and thrive to become essential members of the community.   We will share our experiences and opportunities, our wisdom and maturity to encourage others to take our place.
Behaviour and Safety   Overall Effectiveness
We respect ourselves and others and embrace our responsibilities.   We will become the people we wish to be, and support others in gaining independence and generosity of mind and spirit.
We all have the right to be safe and the responsibility to keep others safe.  
In all we do the above will be evident.

Our Core Beliefs

  • We all try our very best to learn and we support others with their learning.
  • We all have the right to feel safe, all the time.
  • Where we have rights we also have responsibilities.

Our School Drivers

Based on the above we propose the following four drivers for our new curriculum.

Driver Links to Vision, Aims and Core Beliefs : What does this mean in practice for our school?
Community Embracing our differences now : Understand similarity and diversity; not everyone is like you!

Strengthening our partnerships : Working with parents, governors, local community, wider community and international community.

Understanding and using our locality : Use our location to bring the curriculum to life, develop a sense of place and belonging; where in the world are we?


Improving our responses now : We all try our best to learn and we support others with their learning we all have the right to feel safe all the time where we have rights we also have responsibilities.

Aspirations : Applying  our skills from other areas of the curriculum, knowledge and beliefs to be the best we can possibly be now.

Gaining skills , knowledge and expertise to benefit future work.

Enterprise Making a difference now : Working for the good of the school and our community.Using our skills,  knowledge and beliefs to be of benefit to ourselves and the community now.

(Learning Behaviours)

Gaining independence and generosity in mind and spirit : Keeping safe

Trying new things

Working hard

Not giving up


Pushing ourselves



Understanding others

We will organise ourselves to succeed : Accessing resources and the environment creatively

We will draw inspiration from those around us : We will share our experiences and opportunities our wisdom and maturity.

Based on school and national requirements the formal curriculum must be strategic, planned and clear.

We must also be mindful of our informal curriculum which must be responsive and unplanned. It is driven by the class, teacher and responses to the world/local/individual events and needs.

  • What is going on in the news?
  • Does our curriculum reflect our personalities?
  • Do we incorporate our own personal style?
  • What passions can we as class teachers bring to the classroom?

It is essential that whilst the informal curriculum enhances all that we do, it does not push away the formal curriculum.

Our Learning Behaviours

Children can gain points towards a badge for each of the following learning behaviours observed:

  • Keep Safe
  • Work Hard
  • Concentrate
  • Understand others
  • Don’t give up

In all we do the above will be evident

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