Year 6 Graduation Photos

Our Year 6 leavers had a great graduation today.


Year 6 Leavers Performance Photos

Well done to our amazing Year 6 children on their leavers performance.


A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to come and support their  children in sports day this year. We hope you enjoyed cheering them on as much as they did taking part.

Please take a moment to view some photos of the events.

Foundation & Key Stage 1

Year 3 & 4

Year 5 & 6

Knowles Sporting Achievements

‘Knowles’ sports teams have been taking part in a series of friendly fixtures and festivals over the course of this term.  These friendly matches have been a vital part of our children gaining valuable experience and getting to show off what they can do and what they have learnt over the course of the year.

Our sports events have included:

  • Year 4-6 Netball friendly against Cedars (1-2, 3-0);
  • Year 5-6 Korfball friendlies against The Premier Academy (1-0) and Cedars (5-0);
  • Year 3-6 Rounders Friendly Matches against Bushfield and Chestnuts;
  • Year 5-6 Handball Friendlies against Bushfield (Knowles A 2nd & Knowles B 4th place) and Cedars;
  • Year 3-4 Tri Golf Festival;

Qualifying for the Year 5-6 Rounder’s Finals and finally ending with our Knowles Annual Year 3-6 Rounder’s Tournament where we welcomed 5 schools from across Milton Keynes.

A big well done to all of our children for participating and performing at their best.  Please take a moment to view some photos of the above events.

Year 3-6 Rounder’s Tournament

Netball friendly

Handball Friendlies


Sports Day & Sports Week

National School Sport Week is between 20th-24th June. We have a host of activities arranged for the week including Sports Day!  Our sports days are being held on the following days:

  • Foundation – The morning of Tuesday 21st June
  • Year 1 & 2 – The afternoon of Tuesday 21st June
  • Year 3 & 4 – The morning of Friday 24th June
  • Year  5 & 6 – The afternoon of Friday 24th June

We are also having a whole school mufti day on Thursday 23rd June.  Children can dress up as their favourite sports star/athlete etc. £1 entry will go towards defibrillators in the local area.

We look forward to your support.

Year 5 & 6 Gymnastics Competition

16 Milton Keynes Schools Competing in 3 different disciplines:

  • Body Management – Anwar, Ibrahim, Keira
  • Floor Routine – Etedal, Remi, Alfie
  • Vault (Straddle on or straddle through) – Whole Team
School Vault Body Management Floor Points Position
Broughton Fields 54.5 28.7 29.1 112.3 1st
Holne Chase 52.2 25.2 25.1 102.5 2nd
Portfields 51.7 22.6 26.5 100.8 3rd
Heronsgate 51.6 22.1 25.8 99.5 4th
Cedars 51.3 23.1 23.6 98 5th
Falconhurst 44 25.8 26.7 96.5 Joint 6th
Bushfield 50 18.7 27.8 96.5
Knowles 50.5 21.1 24.6 96.2 8th
Rickley Park 45.8 24.7 23.4 93.9 9th
Oxley Park 50.4 19.5 23.7 93.6 10th
CTS 44.2 23.1 26.1 93.4 11th
Drayton Park 44 19.6 23.1 86.7 12th
Giles Brook 40.4 25 18.7 84.1 13th
Monkston 40.5 14.9 25.7 81.1 14th
Brooksward 42.5 22.7 15.4 80.6 15th
Great Linford 41.7 15.6 20.7 78 16th
Knowles Rankings 6th place 11th place 9th place    

A fantastic effort by all of the Gymnastics Team at the competition! The team put in several weeks of training prior to the competition with many learning the routine by heart at home; the resulting routines were a pleasure to watch.

The team began with their vault element. This didn’t quite come as easy as we thought after weeks of practise due to a very springy springboard! Our team soon adapted to the difference and were each able to perform 2 vaults to put us in 6th place overall with our vault score. Alfie performed an excellent vault through to add to the team score.

Anwar, Ibrahim and Keira took on a tough body management routine that involved 12 elements including skips, press ups, splits, broad jump and arch to dish rolls. The routine relied on each child having clear control and good core strength. All of them did a fantastic job with Anwar standing out in this category particularly.

Remi, Alfie and Etedal were last up and performed a gymnastics floor routine with 6 elements including handspring, backward roll to straddle, Y balance, double cartwheel/handstand to forward roll and finishing up with bridge or splits. The three clocked up a good score and were able to display areas that they excel in. Etedal particularly performed well in this category resulting in a high personal score.

At the end of the competition Knowles were the only school awarded the School Sports Games medal for Fair-play and Teamwork. A team noted for never giving up and supporting their teammates! Well done team!

Year 5&6 Rounders Festival

Knowles V Cold Harbour 8 – 1/2
Knowles V Langland 3 – 1 1/2
Knowles V Chestnuts 3 – 4 1/2
TEAM: Kamau, Lamin, Remi, Koi, Etedal, Angel, Ibrahim, AB, Alfie, Salman
Overall Position: 2nd place
Player and Top Scorer of the Festival: Salman

An excellent effort from our Festival Team! Great communication when fielding and some powerful hits have taken us through to the Rounder’s Finals in June. The team played well throughout the festival and had really taken on-board everything they have previously learnt despite minimal practise before the event.

We got off to a very impressive start against a less experienced Cold Harbour side. Our fielding was impressive and the team demonstrated fantastic teamwork and decisive choices to hold the school to a low batting score. With strong hitting on display we managed to take 8 rounders from 16 hits to win our first game. Our second match proved much the same, however, our hits weren’t as well thought out and we occasionally rushed into decisions without thinking of the game as a whole. At times we need to remember to play as a team during the batting rounds too!

Our final game against Chestnuts was a closely drawn match with neither time making many mistakes. With both teams holding strong players on 2nd post and deep field neither school were able to score as many as they could. Except a deduction for stepping into the runner’s path our fielding team worked extremely well together and made few errors. Chestnuts were a strong hitting team and that inevitably allowed them to finish just above us in this game.

Both Knowles and Chestnuts will go through to the Rounder’s Final at the Radcliffe School on Wednesday 15th June. The team should remain positive for the finals. We have the ability to do well but must now work on our batting accuracy in order to go further! Well done!
Miss Harrison

Community Afternoon Friday 27th May

The arrangements for our Community Afternoon are as follows:

Please arrive at 2:00pm at Woodlands Hall door to register. If you have children in both KS1 and KS2 please ask for your children to join you in the hall for board games. Tea, coffee, juice and cakes will be available to purchase in the hall, all proceeds to NSPCC. Children whose parents are unable to attend will be allowed to go to the hall to purchase juice and cakes so please send them in with a small amount of money on Friday.

We look forward to seeing you.

Korfball Easter Cup Winners!

Overall Position: 1st out of 8 teams.

Winners of the Korfball Easter Cup 2 years running!!

korfball 4-H1080

An absolutely fantastic performance by our Year 6 Korfball Team!

The team really took on board all of the advice and guidance given to them after the Korfball League earlier this year and have stepped up their game fantastically. They displayed grit and determination and were able to improve the accuracy of their shooting to score some very impressive goals!

After a disappointing draw from their first game the team listened carefully and worked hard to improve. Fantastic defending allowed the ball to move swiftly back into our attacking side which enabled the team to dominate many of their matches. With only 3 goals conceded in their final match throughout the tournament the team have performed excellently. Excellent defensive skill by all players, particularly Jarred, Remi and Etedal and some fantastic shots from Malachi, Ibrahim and Alfie up front and invaluable teamwork skill and support from Cerys, Iris, Adam and Abubukar showed the team at their best.

The team were awarded their medals and Winner’s Cup by Gail Emms, MBE (Olympic Badminton Silver Medallist).

Thank you to the parents who came to support – we look forward to seeing you again during the Summer Korfball Cup on July 14th (we finished 3rd last year so will be looking for another successful performance again)