Emerging Schools Rugby Festival

A fantastic day at the Emerging Schools Rugby Festival! The team grew in confidence and played well together ensuring no losses throughout the afternoon.

Noah, Theo, Michael, Frankie, Anwar, Luke, Lamin
Mariyam, Latania, Zaraa, Ceryis, Angel

Match Results 1


Theo, Luke, Frankie
Vs Falconhurst 2



Lamin, Anwar

Vs Caroline Haslett


2 Knowles

Lamin, Ceryis

Vs Jubilee Wood


Match Results 2

5 Knowles

Noah, Theo x 2, Frankie, Angel

Vs Falconhurst




Ceryis, Luke, Theo, Anwar

Vs Caroline Haslett 2
6 Knowles
Ceryis, Lamin, Anwar, Michael, Luke, Theo
Vs Jubilee Wood


Players of the Tournament: Theo, Ceryis

Knowles vs Bushfield Basketball Friendly

Knowles Girls vs Bushfield Girls 4-1
Team: Zakira, Zaraa, Mariyam, Latania, Amy, Ellie, Jasmine P, Koi
Scorers: Zaraa, Mariyam, Amy, Latania
Players of the match: Mariyam, Zakira
Knowles Boys vs Bushfield Boys 2-2
Team: Noah, Anwar, Hussain, Noah, Lewis, Adam, Jack, Lamin
Scorers: Finn, Lamin, Anwar
Players of the match: Hussain

A lively but enjoyable set of basketball matches for Knowles! Despite not playing together before both teams rose to the occasion and worked well.

Our teams were naturally strong in attack but often forgot to get back and defend the ball. Precise passing from the girl’s team allowed us to dominant the game.

The boy’s team were more keen to dribble the ball forward and used space well but often struggled with accuracy when passing to each other. They must also remember to include all of their team in the game.

The effort everyone made was fantastic to see – a great set of matches!

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to support the team today

Leon Cross Country Event

Race Results – Senior Girls Race (20 girls) – 1500m

Tia 6th

Latania 11th

Race Results – Senior Boys Race (25 boys) – 2000m

Anwar 20th

An absolutely fantastic effort from all three of our runners last week! It was a breath of fresh air to see how much effort the three put in despite the shock of how long the course was!  Considering that we haven’t practised at all this year the results were a real achievement.

The girls did particularly well having to run in a group above their age – I have high hopes for Tia and Latania next year!

Well done!

Knowles vs Charles Warren

Knowles vs Charles Warren 3-0
Team: Noah, Lamin, Ceryis, Abid, Theo, Ali, Arafat, Finn, Zaid
Scorers: Finn, Zaid, Arafat
Players of the match: Arafat, Zaid

A fantastic first match for our newly formed Football Team!

The team made a promising and enthusiastic start to the match against Charles Warren. With little practise together they played maturely. Clever passes from the start and impressive speed from Finn and Zaid upfront led to several chances in the first half but none that we could quite capitalise on. Our solid team in defence (Lamin, Abid and Ceryis) stopped several attempts from Charles Warren. The few attacks that did break our defensive line were swiftly handled by Noah in goal.

A confident start to the second half allowed Finn to take Knowles quickly to a 1-0 lead! Great work in midfield from Ali, Theo and Arafat allowed the ball to frequently move forward. The team were tireless in their attempts to win back loose balls and broke through the opposition’s defence again and again. A great touch from Zaid and a superb volley from Arafat took the team to 3-0 overall.

The team displayed excellent effort, impressive individual skill and pleasing teamwork throughout the match. A really solid start to the league – well done to everyone!

With more individual confidence and greater communication on the pitch we should do well this year.

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to support the team today

MK Springers Challenge Day

It was a real pleasure to watch Zubair, Borys and Leyland enjoying the activities at MK Springers Challenge day.  They listened carefully to the coach’s instructions and waited patiently for their turns.

There were four different challenges, tumble, problem solving, trampoline and circuits.  Zubair listened very carefully to the instructions to jump over the vault and quickly learnt how to do it right. Borys ran so quickly around the circuits, but managed to balance and jump with ease.

On one of the activities they had to take turns to be blindfolded and listen to their partners instructions and trust them to help them move around the room safely. Leyland was particularly helpful with his partner, a girl from another school.

It was so wonderful to see them have a good go at something new, lots of smiles all round!

Busy Summer Of Sport

Sport at Knowles had a busy Summer with plenty of activities and exciting events to keep the kids busy.  Alongside our Annual Sports Days the children participated in National School Sports Week during June and raised over £400 towards the British Heart Foundation.

Outside specialists from Archery and Brazilian Football came in to give the kids a taste of their different sporting areas whilst we held another School Dodgeball Tournament with the winners being crowned from Sycamore Class for the second year running!

To top off a successful sporting summer our football team finished their season in style by attending the Milton Keynes Schools Summer Tournament at the Milton Keynes Dons Stadium, arriving dramatically in a double decker bus which caused much excitement. The team fought hard to get through their group and qualify for the quarter finals, however after a tough game they didn’t quite manage to get any further!

Our Korfball team also completed their fantastic year by finishing 2nd in the Milton Keynes Summer Cup being beaten in the end by Chestnuts who won on overall goal difference!

An excellent year for Sport – may our success continue this year!


Tolerance and Understanding others- Year 6 OAA

Year 6 have been understanding the meaning of ‘Understanding Others’ and ‘Tolerance’ this week in PE by completing an obstacle course…blindfolded!

The children have had to work on giving clear, concise and structured instructions, listening carefully, trusting others, taking risks and keeping others safe.

We connected this activity to the Para-Olympic Games in Rio and discussing the determination and resilience these athletes have to have.

Well done Year 6!

Let’s Talk about Trees!

Year 6 have been learning all about their class trees!

We went outside to locate the Sycamore and Maple Trees on our school’s proximity. We then produced some sketches on our trees.

Year 6- Young Engineers!

Year 6 had a taste of becoming engineers in our bridge building challenge!

The children had one hour to make a bridge out of just paper and selotape! Their challenge was to make a bridge, which a toy car could go across and to see which bridge could hold the most weight.

Well done to the winning team who managed to hold 3.5 kilograms on their bridge!

The children learnt how to work as a team, how to listen and collaborate with different and new people, how to keep trying and changing ideas in the face of adversity and had some fun on the way! What a fantastic afternoon!

Year Two Library Visit

This week our Year Two children visited our Local Library.

The children enjoyed a talk about the library and then spent time sharing books with each other.

We hope this encourages all our Year Two children to read at home with family members.