Music Concert

The following clubs took part in our Music Concert
The Acapella Club, Violin Club, Brass Club, Guitar Club and The Knowles School Choir.  There was also a performance by Year 4 of their Anti-Bullying Rap.

The children really rose to the occasion and we were really proud of them!

Cathi Smith (Head of Music)

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Year 3 Music Assembly

I was really proud of the children who took part in the Year 3 assembly. They have only been learning to play the Djembe for about 6 weeks and I thought their concentration and the playing itself was excellent!

Well done, Laurel Class!

Mrs Smith

African Drums – Square or Circle?

Have just discovered we only have 4 “takers” for African Drum circle (After school club on Tuesdays), which sounds more like a square than a circle to me!

Are there any more would be drummers out there who would like to try out our shiny new Djembes? (No experience necessary and it’s free!)


Our Choir Needs You!

imagesCAHH75DW We are trying to start a new school choir (move over Gareth Malone!) It is in the form of an after school club and takes place after school on Monday evenings, finishing at 4.30pm, commencing 26th January.

So far we have not had a brilliant response, so if you love to sing and would like to be part of this exciting new venture, please let the office know as soon as possible. (Parents, if you have detected lovely singing noises coming from the bathroom, please encourage your children to come along to the music room on 26th!)
Thank you!
Mrs. Smith


New Music Clubs

Hello, Cathi Smith here.

I am very excited to have taken up the post of Music Teacher at Knowles Primary and I am slowly getting acquainted with children and staff and starting to find my way round the buildings unaided!

This half term I am intending to start leading some lunchtime Music Workshops, where children can come and make new friends, get creative, and have the opportunity to try out a variety of musical instruments.

The workshops will be as follows:

  • Tuesday – Year 4
  • Wednesday – Year 3
  • Thursday – Year 6
  • Friday – Year 5

All are welcome and I am hoping to find some great little musicians in the making.

Next term I am hoping to run some after school clubs – probably a choir, and African Drumming Circle and a Keyboard Club, instruments permitting, so watch this space!