Knowles vs Charles Warren

Knowles vs Charles Warren 3-0
Team: Noah, Lamin, Ceryis, Abid, Theo, Ali, Arafat, Finn, Zaid
Scorers: Finn, Zaid, Arafat
Players of the match: Arafat, Zaid

A fantastic first match for our newly formed Football Team!

The team made a promising and enthusiastic start to the match against Charles Warren. With little practise together they played maturely. Clever passes from the start and impressive speed from Finn and Zaid upfront led to several chances in the first half but none that we could quite capitalise on. Our solid team in defence (Lamin, Abid and Ceryis) stopped several attempts from Charles Warren. The few attacks that did break our defensive line were swiftly handled by Noah in goal.

A confident start to the second half allowed Finn to take Knowles quickly to a 1-0 lead! Great work in midfield from Ali, Theo and Arafat allowed the ball to frequently move forward. The team were tireless in their attempts to win back loose balls and broke through the opposition’s defence again and again. A great touch from Zaid and a superb volley from Arafat took the team to 3-0 overall.

The team displayed excellent effort, impressive individual skill and pleasing teamwork throughout the match. A really solid start to the league – well done to everyone!

With more individual confidence and greater communication on the pitch we should do well this year.

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to support the team today