Knowles vs Bushfield Basketball Friendly

Knowles Girls vs Bushfield Girls 4-1
Team: Zakira, Zaraa, Mariyam, Latania, Amy, Ellie, Jasmine P, Koi
Scorers: Zaraa, Mariyam, Amy, Latania
Players of the match: Mariyam, Zakira
Knowles Boys vs Bushfield Boys 2-2
Team: Noah, Anwar, Hussain, Noah, Lewis, Adam, Jack, Lamin
Scorers: Finn, Lamin, Anwar
Players of the match: Hussain

A lively but enjoyable set of basketball matches for Knowles! Despite not playing together before both teams rose to the occasion and worked well.

Our teams were naturally strong in attack but often forgot to get back and defend the ball. Precise passing from the girl’s team allowed us to dominant the game.

The boy’s team were more keen to dribble the ball forward and used space well but often struggled with accuracy when passing to each other. They must also remember to include all of their team in the game.

The effort everyone made was fantastic to see – a great set of matches!

Thank you to all of the parents who came out to support the team today