Dear Parents and Carers and visitors to our site

The Staff and Governors welcome you to Knowles Primary School. Two local and successful schools amalgamated to make our primary school in September 2012.

We work closely with the Knowles Nursery School and the Saplings Centre to provide continuous support for our families. We also work closely with Sir Herbert Leon School and Lord Grey School which are the two secondary schools that we feed into. This small family of schools works alongside other Bletchley schools as the Bletchley Partnership of Schools to create the best opportunities for children and their families.

We also work with other groups of schools and the wider Milton Keynes educational community to ensure we access the very best of knowledge, skills and materials. We are also creating links with schools beyond Milton Keynes to share good practice and see for ourselves how the very best schools provide for their children.

We believe that every child has a right to at least a good education – we aim for outstanding. We are here to provide the very best education we can for your child. We have a continuous programme of training for our staff and we read up on the latest thinking so that we can consider whether our offer for your family is appropriate. We are keen to be moving forward with our provision and we use technology and sports and music coaches to enrich our curriculum.

We believe in a Quality First teaching approach where every child’s education is of equal importance. Children are taught in classes, smaller groups and one to one as appropriate to their needs and abilities. Where appropriate, children may follow a programme of intervention to increase their accessibility and accelerate their learning.

Our Behaviour policy is based on education too. We believe the children need teaching how to behave so that they will make the right choices for the right situations. We work alongside you to support the children in their social learning. We employ a Restorative Practice approach backed up by a Protective Behaviours ethos.

It is essential that our families feel safe leaving their children with us in ‘loco parentis’. We are acutely aware of our responsibilities towards the children for their health, safety and welfare. We We carry out regular risk assessments as we plan lessons, activities and movement around the school. We follow up on all concerns brought to us from children and our families. We take very seriously reports of bullying, racism and persistent aggression and, although we are here to educate our children in making the right choices, where improvements in behaviour are not made, we will exclude a child for a fixed term period. Please refer to our policy on Behaviour which includes information on bullying and racism.

We support the children’s ‘Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural’ education through classroom delivery of lessons, focused teaching and through a programme of whole school and Key Stage assemblies which are designed to introduce and support the children’s development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural responses and responsibilities through a developing sense of self and of others within our community and beyond.

Please browse our site. We will be updating it often as we can. You will find more links being added and more opportunities for you to engage with what we are doing.

Sarah Rice