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Fire Safety

On Tuesday 4th November Christine from the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service visited Knowles Primary School to talk about keeping safe during bonfire night.

Christine explained to the children how sparklers should always be held at arm’s length and that when they go out they should be placed down in a bucket of water because they are as hot as 20 cups of tea with a temperature of 2000 degrees!

Christine also explained that the rockets that explode high in the sky still have to come back down and that these too are dangerous.

She told us that we shouldn’t play with fire. She told us how to keep safe, that is very important!” – Kirsty

“Fireworks burn at a high hot temperature and are very dangerous.” – Taylor

“If you don’t know the safety rules then you might do something that is dangerous and end up at hospital. I am glad she came to tell us how to keep safe.” – Theo

You can download the leaflet Follow Ben for a safe fireworks night for more information on keeping safe this fireworks night.