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Damson Artists

Year 1 have been finding out about primary and secondary colours. They have been looking at the work of Piet Mondrian and producing their own pictures using various techniques. As well as using tissue paper and glue, some of the children used the iPads and You Doodle to draw their pictures.

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  • DSCF0105-A1920x1080
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Year 1 Scratch the Surface of Coding

Cherry Class spent this morning investigating ScratchJr on the iPads. They found out how to make Felix jump, spin, and talk. Once they had done that, they found out how to change backgrounds and customise Felix.

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Year 2 Take Their First Steps to Becoming Computer Programmers

Children in Cedar class spent the afternoon finding out about and writing their own “Crazy Character” algorithms. They discovered that they had to use very precise instructions so that their peers could follow them easily. Their challenge is to go home and write an algorithm for how to make their tea!

  • 08ahmeds 2
  • Asaru & Nirell
  • Jack & Harry
  • 08ahmeds - Copy
  • 08ahmeds 2 - Copy
  • 08FaberF & 08 YasminS - Copy
  • Aissa & Rachel - Copy
  • Alice & Amana - Copy
  • Alice & Amana (2) - Copy
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Ima and Hafiza
  • Kane & Rachel
  • Minaz & Habib
  • Molly & Vanessa
  • Naseem & Ibrahim
  • Naseem & Ibrahim
  • Naseem
  • Nicholas & Albert
  • Prince & Freddie
  • Priscilla & Sabreen
  • Roy & Samuel
  • Samirah Bethany Krisha
  • Sheep on the Hill 2
  • Vicky and Shannon

Christmas Emojis

Year 6 have been using emojis to help illustrate Christmas songs and stories. Can you work out what they say?

  • IMG_0082-1920
  • IMG_0081-1920
  • IMG_0098-1920
  • IMG_0085-1920
  • IMG_0084-1920
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  • IMG_0099-1920
  • IMG_0095-1920

Reality Check in Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been investigating 3D augmented reality images. Damson class found one from @colARApp which had to be coloured in before a beautiful Christmas tree sprang up from the page. In Cherry class, the children found that a simple code from @mysecondsight placed on the table resulted in a Father Christmas who spun around and laughed loudly at them!

Year 3 Animation Creation

Over the last few weeks Year 3 have been finding out about plant germination and growth. They have used this knowledge to create some short stop motion animation films using plasticine and the iPads. Although the clips are quite short we hope that you will see how creative they have been, and the end results are an excellent first step into their burgeoning technological skills development. Well done Year 3. Watch your “video shorts” here.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Christmas Fayre Personalised Cards

At the Christmas Fayre this year we will have our Green Screen equipment in action creating personalised Christmas photo cards. You will be able to choose from 13 different designs, see above for some of your choices.

Cards will be printed while you wait on 6×4 high quality photo paper for just £1.00 per copy!

We look forward to seeing you.

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  • Lilly-A1920x1080

Fantastic Fireworks!

This week, the children in Year 1 have been finding out about the history of the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. They watched a video of a fireworks display and then thought of lots of adjectives to describe them. Some of them used the laptops to produce firework shaped Tagxedo (http://www.tagxedo.com/app.html) pictures; some of them used paint; and some of them used the iPads to draw their pictures. The results were fantastic. At the end, we all coloured in a rocket picture from http://colarapp.com/ (@colARApp) which we scanned with iPads. The pictures not only looked 3D, but when you touched a rocket it exploded into a firework display!

  • IMG_0001
  • IMG_0002
  • IMG_0003
  • IMG_0005
  • IMG_0006

Year 3 Get Animated

The children in Year 3 have put their coding skills on the back burner for a few weeks whilst they start to create their own stop motion animation films. They have been finding out about seed germination and plant growth during their topic lessons, so are using this as the basis for their films. Story boards have been drawn, and they spent this afternoon making all of their components out of plasticine ready to start shooting. As usual, the lesson wasn’t long enough, so they’re going to try and fit in some extra sessions over the next few school days. Keep watching this space to see their finished films.


This lunchtime our Digital Leaders have been unpacking our new batch of headphones for use with the laptops and tablets around the school.