School Uniform

Knowles Primary School is a uniformed School. The School and its Governing Body believe that wearing a uniform fosters a sense of belonging and a pride in the institution. Therefore, parents are requested to support this policy and ensure their children wear the appropriate uniform and suitable shoes at all times.

The uniform is simple and practical with all items available locally or through the School.  Ask at the School office for an order form and price list.  If parents have financial problems that mean they are unable to purchase uniform, please contact the Headteacher.

Key points for parents on uniform are:

  • Clothes should be appropriate to the child’s age and ability, so the child can dress his/herself
  • All items must be clearly labelled with the child’s name
  • Sportswear is not acceptable as part of the winter or summer uniform
  • PE kit, including a change of trainers/plimsolls, is essential

Knowles Primary School has the same uniform requirements across the whole school and are as follows:

Winter uniform : autumn and spring terms
  • Grey trousers, pinafore dress or skirt
  • White shirt, blouse or white polo shirt
  • Blue sweatshirt (Bought from KPS or Maisies)
  • Plain flat dark shoes
Summer uniform : summer term
  • Grey shorts
  • White polo shirt
  • Blue checked dress
  • Plain flat dark shoes or sandals
PE kit
  • Shorts
  • Plain blue t-shirt
  • Trainers and plimsolls

The School encourages parents to work in partnership with staff to encourage children to take pride in their personal appearance and take increasing responsibility for their uniform.  Parents can help make this happen by ensuring children’s clothes are clean, neat and securely labelled.


Watches and stud earrings only may be worn in School.  No other earrings or other jewellery is permitted.  For safety reasons children may be asked to remove watches and earrings for games and PE sessions. In Foundation and Key Stage 1 children are asked to wear micro-pore tape to cover the earrings.  In Key Stage 2 children are asked to remove jewellery and we recommend that children do not wear it on PE days. The School will not take responsibility for any of the above items, or any other personal property brought into School.

Mobile Phones

The School discourages children from bringing mobile phones into School.  They will only be allowed in School if a letter authorising a Key Stage 2 child to have one is received from a parent or carer.  The letter and the mobile phone must be handed into the school office each morning, where it will be kept throughout the School day.  Phones found in School without written parental permission will be taken to the school office, and only returned to the parent/carer.  The School will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to unauthorised mobile phones

Electronic games, iPods/MP3 players and Toys

Electronic games and iPods/MP3 players are not permitted in School, and the School will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to them if they are brought in.  Any item found in use in School will be taken to the school office, and only returned to the parent/carer.