Arrangments For Drop Off And Collection Of Children

Gee Construction have started work on the Woodlands playground – this means we have no access to it from now on.  This is affect how children enter the school in the mornings and how they exit at the end of the day.
Please see below a schedule that we will have in place from Monday morning:

Foundation and Year 1 in the Orchard building enter and exit as normal.

Years 2 and 3 children will need to come in from the Orchard end and up through the new staff car park (going to be used as a playground for now) and over to Evergreens at the top.  We’ve used this route before.  Reverse at the end of the day. Parents will be able to wait outside evergreens as usual.

Year 4 need to enter via the Queensway gate and enter through their classroom doors.  Exit is the reverse.  Parents will only have a little space to congregate on the paths.  We will need to take care and be fairly quickly in and out.

Year 5 will enter around the back of the building through the side door by the gym and Learning Mentors’ room.  Exit will be the same way.  There will not be much room for parents to congregate and we will need to be fairly quickly in and out.

Year 4 and 5 parents – there is a little space on the front side of the gym for you to wait

Year 6 children will come in through the Foundation/Year 1 entry which years 2 and 3 are also using.  They will cross the playground and head towards the back of the Year 6 area in Woodlands.  They can wait there for entry into the Year 6 area when the doors open.  There is not much space and it would be helpful if children arrived on time and not too early.  Children with bikes could lock them to the bike racks in the Orchard playground, otherwise they will need to lock them in the usual place and walk round via Queensway to the new entrance for them.

Please note that it is best that all children come on time and not before as we have no ‘waiting space’ for parents and children at the moment.

Please ensure you make new arrangements with your child if you are not waiting with them or collecting them directly from the classroom.

Please ensure you phone in on your child’s days of illness so that we know exactly where they are.

Please make your children aware of the extra safety and security needed over this next few weeks eg Year 6 waiting outside the hall, Year 5 and Year 4 waiting, entering and exiting through a narrow pathway.

We understand that these new routines will cause inconvenience to you, but, hopefully, it will be for a short period of time and then we can get back to normal.

Click to download a copy of the Arrangments For Drop Off And Collection Of Children

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Story Telling Chairs

Carving has started on the old willow tree to turn it into a story telling chairs.

  • IMG_9798 Stitch-A1920x1080
  • IMG_9800-A1920x1080
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  • IMG_9856-A1920x1080
  • IMG_9857 Stitch-A1920x1080

Orchard Playground

The digging out of Orchard playground is almost complete.

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Digging Up The Playground

The diggers are busy removing the old surface next to Evergreens today!

  • Willow-1
  • Willow-2
  • Willow-3
  • Willow-4
  • Willow-5
  • Willow-6
  • Willow-7
  • Willow-8
  • Willow-9

Willow Tree

The willow tree was felled over the half term. The trunk stump remains in situ as we will make a story telling chair out of it and its bigger branches. This will then be available to teachers and children for curriculum sessions and play around stories and so on.

Heavy plant also started to arrive aswell and the construction team were busy relaying a strip outside the Year 6 part of the building so that we can all have access between the buildings as the resurfacing starts.

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Tree Felling

The felling of the trees has begun today.

Taking Your Child To Their Class

From Monday 20th October, you may need to allow a few more minutes in the morning to get your child to their classroom as there will be fencing up within the grounds.  We are going to have to walk around the playgrounds as they are being resurfaced and not through them.

Routes will change as surfaces are completed.  Please keep checking our website and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

Felling Of The Trees

The date for the felling of the trees around the school has now been confirmed to take place over October half term.

Outside Works Phase 3 – What To Expect

Following a Council Hearing on Thursday 25th September regarding the removal of the willow tree on our grounds, and a meeting with the approved contractor for the external works earlier this week, we have a date for the start of the external works: Monday 6th October.

Removal of the trees

During the week beginning Monday 6th October the trees needing to be removed (four), including the willow tree, will be felled.  The area around the trees will be made safe with the appropriate fencing and so on.  We will have to make some changes to the timetable to accommodate the works, so Forest School will take place in another part of the grounds.  There is a week scheduled for the removal of the trees, although with good weather it may not take that long.

Trees are also being removed down the access road but this shouldn’t interfere with staff arriving or leaving for work, or parents dropping off and collecting children from the rear of the school.  However, if these arrangements change we will let you know.  Please check this blog or Twitter account for updates.


You will have noticed the construction site’s well being and office area is being set up to the front of the school.  This is in preparation for the works starting on 20th October.


From the evening of Friday 17th October, the access road will be blocked off from both ends and there will be no pedestrian or vehicular access down this road until April 2015.

With effect from Monday 20th October the back of the school will become a no-go area for parking.  We will start using the front car park, but for STAFF only.

Parents and carers will need to find alternative arrangements for parking.  The Leisure Centre is happy to accommodate parking and there is some limited parking along the road.  Please do not park in the car parks belonging to the businesses across the road.

We will be asking all our visitors to park elsewhere in Bletchley as we cannot accommodate them in the limited parking at the front.

School garden

The school garden to the front of the school will be used for STAFF parking.  You will remember that Santander volunteers helped us relocate the garden.  Whilst we await a proper surface for a parent/carer drop off and collect car park we are going to take down the fence and put matting over the garden so that we can get as many cars in as possible.

We are having to double park and the spaces have all been worked out carefully so that people can leave at the end of their working day – we have different hours.

Taking your child to their class

From Monday 20th October, you may need to allow a few more minutes in the morning to get your child to their classroom as there will be fencing up within the grounds.  We are going to have to walk around the playgrounds as they are being resurfaced and not through them.

Routes will change as surfaces are completed.  We will keep you up to date.  Please follow the news on our website or on Twitter.

The works will mean a massive upheaval for us all.  It will be worth it in the end because we will have safer surfaces to play on.  The delays to the start of the works have meant that more of the year and term time will be taken up with the improvements.  There is some concern over the weather over the winter as it can delay outside projects.  However, we are hoping for an April completion.

Please bear with us as we carry out the project.  Inevitably it will be frustrating.  Arrangements may change due to the weather, materials being delivered late and so on.  We will be doing our best to smooth out difficulties and accommodate the needs of the earthworks.

View From The Sky

Car Parking Arrangements

Parent car parking are as normal on Monday 29th September As there’s been a slight delay to the start of the works.

Many thanks for your understanding.