At Knowles Primary School, our Behaviour Policy is based around Protective Behaviour themes which are:

  • We all have the right to feel safe, all the time.
  • Where we have rights, we also have responsibilities.
  • We all try our very best to learn and we support others with their learning.

All staff and children are involved in the policy’s implementation. All staff place great emphasis on good behaviour and developing a caring and considerate community.

We believe that children’s innate exuberance and vitality encourages them to be curious about their world, and eager to learn. This natural energy needs to be directed into positive activities and behaviour. We believe that discipline and good behaviour develop from within the child, through increasing independence, the development of self-esteem and through, belonging and empathy for others. Therefore, throughout a child’s time in the school, we try to ensure that they know exactly what is expected of them and enable them to be successful by providing interesting and appropriate activities and setting realistic and consistent boundaries.

At all times we seek to encourage a positive atmosphere in the school where appropriate behaviour is noticed and praised. The children are expected to interact with courtesy and good manners. They are expected to look after their own property, and have regard for that of others and of the school.

Through a ‘natural’ set of behaviours modeled and explained to the children, they will become thinking individuals, making decisions based on appropriate consideration for others and themselves. Decisions should be based on what is right and reasonable (and not on whether or not they will be in trouble). We are encouraging our children to become good citizens and worthwhile members of our community.

We expect that the majority of children will manage their behaviour in school with some guidance, but little correction. However, we are aware that there are a number of children who find it hard to adjust to communal life and to regulate their own impulses. These children may require a great deal of sustained support and guidance, through an unrelenting programme of attachment strategies (please refer to ‘What About Me’ and ‘Inside I’m Hurting’ both by Louise Bomber, a copy kept in the main staffroom). This is not a short term set of strategies and all staff will model unconditional support and positive feedback in order that the child learns to trust the community and, so wishes to belong and perpetuate it. Three members of staff have attended a day’s training on attachment disorder (Autumn 2012 and Feb 2013):

  • Doll Downard – Learning Mentor
  • Sarah Rice – Head Teacher

As part of the planned Induction process for new members of staff, training in Restorative Practices is given. All staff received training (January 2015 ) in strategies for teaching and caring for children with attachment disorders as many of the techniques will transfer to less acute behaviours, e.g. children who are mobile and may have repeatedly lost their best friends.

More information can be found in the following documents, please click to download a copy.

Behaviour and Bullying Policy

Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy

Use of Reasonable Force Guidance