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International Hour of Code Week

Children in Year 6 were the first to spend an hour of their day learning how to write computer code. Using the specially designed resources on Code.Org, they were able to write their own games in a matter of minutes using Java script. If you can spare an hour of your time this week, why not have a go yourself. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Minecraft Literacy

Year 5 have been using Minecraft to help them write about volcanoes.  A noisy but productive lesson.

Thanks for the idea @ICT_MrP


Minecraft has finally come to Knowles in a series of After School Clubs.

The children are very excited to be using this tool to work collaboratively to achieve given goals such as constructing houses, palaces, rivers, or even volcanoes!

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Kodu Kup Here We Come

Children in Year 6 have been honing their programming skills over the past two terms, designing their own computer games using Microsoft’s Kodu Gamelab.

Kodu is a visual programming language made specifically for creating games, and such make it accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The children particularly like the 3D gaming environment that they can create, and also that they can write programs which use gaming controllers. Many of the children have continued their learning at home, and have proudly presented their completed projects to the rest of the class.

Thanks to Stuart Ball at Microsoft Education, the school has been designated a Kodu School, and we will be proudly displaying our plaque in the entrance hall. From here our Digital Leaders will be setting up their own Kodu Koding Klub where teams can design and program their own games for entry into the Kodu Kup.

Find out more about Kodu at http://www.kodugamelab.com and download a copy to use on your home computer at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=10056

Watch this space!

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Maker Club this week was all about slime. We mixed together glue, washing detergent, glitter and paint to make it.

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Maker Club Monsters!

The children from Maker Club have been designing and making their own scribble bots out of plastic cups, craft sticks, motors and corks. They found out that changing the position of the craft stick affected how their robot moved. Perhaps you could have a go at building your own.

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Literacy On The QR

This morning, children in Year 3 have spent their literacy lesson searching for hidden QR codes which held the instructions for a recipe. Having found each code, they scanned it with their iPads, and then copied the text that was revealed. They had great fun, and tomorrow we will find out if they have got their method in the right order when we come to cook!

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Year 3 Literacy

This term, Year 3 have been reading Stig of the Dump as part of their investigations into life in the Stone Age. We started by writing our character descriptions of Barney, and then used the @WeeWorld app WeeMee to create our Barney avatars.

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First Lego League Robot Workshop

Three children from Year 6 were lucky enough to be chosen to attend a Lego Mindstorms Introduction workshop at University Technical College in Reading, as part of their STEMNET Schools Provision program. After an eye-wateringly early start, the children spent the morning building, programming and adapting their “Knowles Bot” to meet a challenge. Their robot was built in record time, with the children demonstrating fantastic teamwork and engineering skills. Then the hard work really began where they had to test, evaluate and debug their program. They showed remarkable resilience and logical thinking skills throughout the morning and declared the event a huge success. Many thanks to UTC in Reading for a brilliant experience.

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Multi Media Story Telling

Some children in Year 3 have been writing their own versions of traditional tales using Story Creator Pro. They enjoyed being both author and illustrator, and will try and turn them into audio books by recording themselves telling their stories.