Tolerance and Understanding others- Year 6 OAA

Year 6 have been understanding the meaning of ‘Understanding Others’ and ‘Tolerance’ this week in PE by completing an obstacle course…blindfolded!

The children have had to work on giving clear, concise and structured instructions, listening carefully, trusting others, taking risks and keeping others safe.

We connected this activity to the Para-Olympic Games in Rio and discussing the determination and resilience these athletes have to have.

Well done Year 6!

Let’s Talk about Trees!

Year 6 have been learning all about their class trees!

We went outside to locate the Sycamore and Maple Trees on our school’s proximity. We then produced some sketches on our trees.

Year 6- Young Engineers!

Year 6 had a taste of becoming engineers in our bridge building challenge!

The children had one hour to make a bridge out of just paper and selotape! Their challenge was to make a bridge, which a toy car could go across and to see which bridge could hold the most weight.

Well done to the winning team who managed to hold 3.5 kilograms on their bridge!

The children learnt how to work as a team, how to listen and collaborate with different and new people, how to keep trying and changing ideas in the face of adversity and had some fun on the way! What a fantastic afternoon!