Sandra Agard Comes To Visit

2016 celebrates the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth.  Because of this, the Roald Dahl Story Museum ran a competition for 6 schools to win the opportunity to work with a storyteller in residence.  Knowles Primary School won the competition and we are now one of 6 lucky schools to work with Sandra Agard!

Sandra began her residency on Friday 8th January, working with Cherry class in Year 1.  She will visit each of the Year 1 classes in turn and also spend a couple of days with Year 2.

Sandra began the day by taking our KS1 assembly and telling us some stories. This was just a taste of what was to come! By the end of the day, Cherry class were making up stories of their own, acting out stories with Sandra and drawing magical objects to inspire their story telling.

We had a wonderful day as you can see from the photos below!

Road Safety Assembly

This week we had an assembly for students on road safety.  Nigel Spencer, a Road Safety Officer from Milton Keynes Council delivered the message about staying safe when crossing the busy roads near school and the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Nigel demonstrated how a helmet would project the children’s heads in the event of an accident with his trusty egg, complete with its own helmet!


Towards the assembly Nigel held a little safety quiz for some children.  Well done to the winner Cerys.

Harvest Festival

Well done to our wonderful Year 3 and Year 4 children for their fantastic Harvest Festival assembly this morning.  All the hard work the children put in remembering their lines and the songs really showed.  It was also great to see so many parents come and support our children.

As always we have taken lots of photos and these can be viewed below.

Parents Assembly

Rehearsal Assembly

Community Morning

Thank you to everyone who attened and supported our community morning.  We raised an amazing £266.05 for the Nepal Earthquake appeal.

We will be adding more photos of the day shorty so please check back.

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Year 3 Music Assembly

I was really proud of the children who took part in the Year 3 assembly. They have only been learning to play the Djembe for about 6 weeks and I thought their concentration and the playing itself was excellent!

Well done, Laurel Class!

Mrs Smith

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The Parks Trust Assembly

Today Nicky from The Parks Trust came to visit the children in assembly. Nicky told the children how the Parks Trust is a charity that owns and cares for many of Milton Keynes parks and green spaces.

Nicky also explained to children about all the wildlife the live in the parks and what the Parks Trust do to keep them and people who want to use the parks safe.

To find out more about The Parks Trust just visit their website.

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KS1 Story Time

Today KS1 was again visited by the wonderful Paul Dorney from the Milton Keynes School Library Service. He brought along a new book that he was reading for the first time called The cat, the dog, little red, the exploding eggs, the wolf and grandma’s wardrobe.

The children loved the story and filled the hall with laughter as they listened to Cat trying to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood while Dog asked question after question after question!

Click to find out more about the book and authors Christyan and Diane Fox

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Onesie Day

Knowles Primary School is supporting World Diabetes Day by having a Onesie Day tomorrow, Friday 7th November.

Today a group of children from Year 6 gave an assembly to the whole school on what diabetes is and how children of Knowles Primary School can support World Diabetes Day by donating £1 to spend the whole day in their Onesie or PJs.

All money raised will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

You can find out more information by downloading the World Diabetes Day 2014 Fundraising Guide

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Fire Safety

On Tuesday 4th November Christine from the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service visited Knowles Primary School to talk about keeping safe during bonfire night.

Christine explained to the children how sparklers should always be held at arm’s length and that when they go out they should be placed down in a bucket of water because they are as hot as 20 cups of tea with a temperature of 2000 degrees!

Christine also explained that the rockets that explode high in the sky still have to come back down and that these too are dangerous.

She told us that we shouldn’t play with fire. She told us how to keep safe, that is very important!” – Kirsty

“Fireworks burn at a high hot temperature and are very dangerous.” – Taylor

“If you don’t know the safety rules then you might do something that is dangerous and end up at hospital. I am glad she came to tell us how to keep safe.” – Theo

You can download the leaflet Follow Ben for a safe fireworks night for more information on keeping safe this fireworks night.

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Guide Dogs Assembly

On Thursday 16th October we had 2 volunteers visit from Guide Dogs UK complete with their dogs!

The volunteers explained to the pupils and staff how guide dogs are used to help and what is involved in training a puppy to become a guide dog.  The children asked some very good questions and everyone was shocked when we were told the actual cost to support a guide dog from birth to retirement is £50,000!

To help support Guide Dogs UK, Knowles Primary School held a Community Morning which raised an amazing £355.27!  Thank you so much to all the parents and children who helped raise this money.