Arrangments For Drop Off And Collection Of Children

Gee Construction have started work on the Woodlands playground – this means we have no access to it from now on.  This is affect how children enter the school in the mornings and how they exit at the end of the day.
Please see below a schedule that we will have in place from Monday morning:

Foundation and Year 1 in the Orchard building enter and exit as normal.

Years 2 and 3 children will need to come in from the Orchard end and up through the new staff car park (going to be used as a playground for now) and over to Evergreens at the top.  We’ve used this route before.  Reverse at the end of the day. Parents will be able to wait outside evergreens as usual.

Year 4 need to enter via the Queensway gate and enter through their classroom doors.  Exit is the reverse.  Parents will only have a little space to congregate on the paths.  We will need to take care and be fairly quickly in and out.

Year 5 will enter around the back of the building through the side door by the gym and Learning Mentors’ room.  Exit will be the same way.  There will not be much room for parents to congregate and we will need to be fairly quickly in and out.

Year 4 and 5 parents – there is a little space on the front side of the gym for you to wait

Year 6 children will come in through the Foundation/Year 1 entry which years 2 and 3 are also using.  They will cross the playground and head towards the back of the Year 6 area in Woodlands.  They can wait there for entry into the Year 6 area when the doors open.  There is not much space and it would be helpful if children arrived on time and not too early.  Children with bikes could lock them to the bike racks in the Orchard playground, otherwise they will need to lock them in the usual place and walk round via Queensway to the new entrance for them.

Please note that it is best that all children come on time and not before as we have no ‘waiting space’ for parents and children at the moment.

Please ensure you make new arrangements with your child if you are not waiting with them or collecting them directly from the classroom.

Please ensure you phone in on your child’s days of illness so that we know exactly where they are.

Please make your children aware of the extra safety and security needed over this next few weeks eg Year 6 waiting outside the hall, Year 5 and Year 4 waiting, entering and exiting through a narrow pathway.

We understand that these new routines will cause inconvenience to you, but, hopefully, it will be for a short period of time and then we can get back to normal.

Click to download a copy of the Arrangments For Drop Off And Collection Of Children